[Announcement from the Epidemic Prevention and Control Team] Physical Classes will be resumed from April 18th.

1. According to the “Principles for Suspension of Physical Classes in the Campus in Response to COVID-19” released from the Ministry of Education on April 12nd, the University will adjust the implementation of conducting physical classes based on the investigation results of confirmed COVID-19 cases.
2. Physical classes will be resumed from April 18th.
(1) Course instructors are required to implement roll call in class.
(2) Course instructors and students are required to wear masks in class and sanitize hands when entering the classroom. Students must not eat or drink during the class.
(3) The classroom should be well ventilated and disinfected regularly. The requirements of off-campus internship courses follow the host institutional rules.
3. The University will update the guidelines according to the notices from the Ministry of Education. Please pay attention to the announcement in the Epidemic Prevention Area on the University homepage.


Epidemic Prevention and Control Team, Chang Gung University
Contact Person: Ms Wu (ext. 5032)